Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes has become an epidemic in this country. If you have diabetes it is essential that you have your feet evaluated by a podiatrist.


diabetic foot care hudson ny podiatrist Michelle Zhubrak DPM

Keep Your Diabetic Feet Healthy 

Diabetics are prone to poor circulation, have a weakened immune system and impaired nerve function in their feet. Due to poor circulation or lack of sensation after poor circulation, diabetic feet are more susceptible to developing sores, and non-healing wounds which may lead to ulcers. 

These wounds can also develop into serious infections which can lead to amputations, loss of limbs and even loss of life.

With diabetes, you also have a good chance of developing peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can be pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensation in your feet.

I recommend that you come in for a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation. I will use the latest technology to test and assess the circulation to your feet, and determine if you have peripheral neuropathy. Once the evaluation is complete, I will design a treatment plan specifically for you.

If you're a diabetic, come in for a complete evaluation immediately, so that we can provide you with the care you'll need to minimize possible complications.


At Foot Specialist Associates we have a Diabetic Shoe Program. Many diabetic patients experience problems with their feet due to poor circulation and loss of sensation. Proper shoes are needed to help reduce the possibility of painful foot sores and potentially life threatening wounds. Properly managing your diabetes and protecting your feet can help avoid complications caused by infections. We carry Diabetic shoes which are extra depth shoes and are extremely comfortable.  

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral Arterial Disease, also known as PAD, is a silent killer because it often goes undetected. In our practice Foot Specialist Associates, we see many patients who are affected by PAD. 

PAD not only contributes to many foot and leg problems, but is also a warning of heart disease. Left undiagnosed and untreated, PAD can lead to severe disabling pain, loss of limbs and even loss of life. 

Since PAD typically starts in the lower extremities, we have the capability to test our patients right here in the office for circulatory problems using the latest technology. We use a device (ABI Testing) that cuffs around the legs and ankles to produce an assessment of the patient's circulatory status.This information is then shared with a vascular specialist as needed.

If you are experiencing pain and/or cramping into your legs or feet while walking or sleeping, you might be experiencing the symptoms of PAD. If so, it is essential that you come in for a vascular consultation today.

peripheral arterial disease hudson ny podiatrist  Michelle Zhubrak

diabetic foot wound care hudson ny podiatrist Dr. Michelle Zhubrak DPM

Wound Care

Having an open wound, increases the chances of infection. If you have a non healing wound on your lower extremity, it is essential that you act to get it healed as quickly as possible to prevent infection and further complications. If you have diabetes, you are especially at risk for complications. The sooner a wound is treated the greater the patient's chances are of healing.

When you first come to our office, we will use the latest technology to perform a comprehensive neurologic, vascular and orthopedic exam. Once the wounds are healed,  patients are regularly followed up to help avoid future problems. So, if you have a non-healing wound on your foot, ankle or leg especially if you're diabetic, we strongly recommend that you schedule an appointment to see us as soon as possible.

Nerve Pain: How NeuRemedy Works

NeuRemedy is a dietary supplement that helps support healthy function of the nerves in the feet and legs.* The dietary ingredient in NeuRemedy is used worldwide to promote healthier nerve function. The specialized proprietary formulation in NeuRemedy contains benfotiamine. Benfotiamine has been used since the early 1960's to successfully help tens of thousands of people support the healthy functioning of their nervous system. It has been extensively studied in the scientific literature and has been shown to be safe and effective. Realm Laboratories has recently made NeuRemedy available in the U.S.A.

Adequate blood levels of the micro-nutrient thiamine (Vitamin B1) are essential for the proper functioning in the feet and legs. People with low levels of vitamin B1 benefit from a more bioactive form of thiamine to help their nerves to function properly. This population includes, but is not limited to, the elderly, people with diabetes, and patients on certain medications. For these people, NeuRemedy delivers a highly bioactive form of the micro-nutrient thiamine to where it is needed, the nerve cells.